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The Year in Review: Our Most Viewed According to Google

Following is a capsule of some the most viewed 2014 articles we have posted to our website so that you can have another look on the odd chance you missed them the first time. We have used the number of times an article was viewed in Google as a rough guide for which articles to include below.

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Apple Defeats $1 Billion US Anti-Trust Lawsuit In Three Hour Jury Decision

Thursday 18 December 2014 @ 11.16 a.m. | Legal Research

A Northern Californian jury found Apple not guilty of anticompetitive conduct in a well-publicised trial that had spent 10 years being “kicked around in various courts and in various forms”.   CNET reported that:

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High Court Considers The Burden of Proof In Exclusion Orders For Criminal Forfeiture [2014] HCA 52

Tuesday 16 December 2014 @ 11.56 a.m. | Crime | Legal Research

The High Court, by majority, has upheld a decision made in the Queensland Court of Appeal, holding that Mr Henderson had not sufficiently proven that cash seized by the Queensland Police was not proceeds of illegal activityHenderson v Queensland [2014] HCA 52 revolved around the construction of section 68 of the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 (Qld) (“the Confiscation Act”), under which Mr Henderson had applied to exclude a sum of cash from a forfeiture order made by the State of Queensland.

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Passive Welfare: Remote Jobs Program

Monday 15 December 2014 @ 12.29 p.m. | Industrial Law | Legal Research

The Remote Jobs and Communities Program (the RJCP), it has been reported recently, is in the Federal Government's sights for immediate changes and cuts. The RJCP which was introduced by the former Labor Government, has been called a “disaster” and a “comprehensive failure” by the current Government and its Minister for Indigenous Affairs. As The Guardian reports:

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Queensland Building and Construction New Amendments

Monday 15 December 2014 @ 10.39 a.m. | Legal Research

Queensland has been busy in the last few days assenting new Acts and new regulations to bring about the second and third stages for the establishment of the new building regulator, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), with the first stage as previously mentioned in TimeBase.

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