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National Australia Bank Ltd v Rose [2016] VSCA 169: Consumer Guarantors

Tuesday 26 July 2016 @ 2.01 p.m. | Legal Research | Trade & Commerce

In the case of National Australia Bank Ltd v Rose [2016] VSCA 169, delivered on 21 July 2016, the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal determined that National Australia Bank did not properly inform a customer who went guarantor for $8 million in loans, meaning he would not have to pay back money still owed.

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NRM Corporation Pty Ltd v ACCC [2016] FCAFC 98: NRM’s Appeal Dismissed by Federal Court

Tuesday 26 July 2016 @ 9.34 a.m. | Legal Research | Trade & Commerce

In the case of NRM Corporation Pty Ltd v ACCC [2016] FCAFC 98 (21 July 2016), the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has dismissed an appeal by NRM Corporation Pty Ltd and NRM Trading Pty Ltd (together, NRM), and NRM director Jacov Vaisman, against the decision of Justice North that NRM had engaged in unconscionable conduct through its Advanced Medical Institute business promoting and supplying medical services and medications for men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

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New Australian Crime Commission (Queensland) Regulation 2016 (120 of 2016) [QLD]

Monday 25 July 2016 @ 12.55 p.m. | Crime | Legal Research

On 22 July 2016, Queensland notified Regulation No. 120 of 2016 -the Australian Crime Commission (Queensland) Regulation 2016 (the Regulation). The aim of the Regulation is to support the Australian Crime Commission (Queensland) Act 2003 (the Act) which provides for the powers, duties and functions of the Australian Crime Commission.

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Woollahra Council Loses Court Challenge Against Amalgamation

Monday 25 July 2016 @ 10.50 a.m. | Legal Research

Woollahra Council has failed in an attempt to challenge the Baird Government’s Council amalgamation process.  Last week, Chief Justice Preston of the New South Wales Land and Environment Court dismissed Woollahra’s case against the Minister for Local Government, finding that the Council had not successfully established any of its grounds of challenge.  According to a Sydney Morning Herald article, the Council are currently weighing up the benefits of an appeal, with Mayor of Woollahra Toni Zeltzer saying she was ‘mindful of the costs already borne by residents’.

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Stamp Duty Amendment (First Home Owner Discount) Act 2016

Friday 22 July 2016 @ 11.36 a.m. | Legal Research | Taxation

The Stamp Duty Amendment (First Home Owner Discount) Act 2016 (Act No. 174 of 2016) was recently enacted in the Northern Territory. The Act amends the NT Stamp Duty Act as well as the First Home Owner Grant Act to provide first home buyers with a discount on stamp duty when purchasing established homes. The discount, known as the first home owner discount, will be part of the 2016-17 budget.

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