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New Victorian Laws on Seizure of Unexplained Criminal Wealth: A Reversal of Onus

Wednesday 20 August 2014 @ 11.30 a.m. | Crime | Legal Research

The Victorian Government has introduced into the Legislative Assembly on 19 August 2014 the Justice Legislation Amendment (Confiscation and Other Matters) Bill 2014. The proposed legislation establishes an unexplained wealth confiscation scheme in Victoria.

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UN Security Council backs Australian Resolution against ISIL

Tuesday 19 August 2014 @ 1.13 p.m. | Legal Research

THE United Nations Security Council has adopted an Australian-led resolution condemning all acts of terrorism committed by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as well as the Al-Nusrah Front.

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Surrogacy in Australia: Varying State Laws And Calls For Reform

Monday 18 August 2014 @ 11.58 a.m. | Legal Research

The widely reported case of Baby Gammy that has surfaced over the past few weeks has shone a spotlight on surrogacy law in Australia today.  Some critics argue that the case demonstrates the need for Australia to allow commercial surrogacy, so that it can be better regulated.  Others see the case as justification for why strong laws are necessary.

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Workplaces Protection From Protesters Bill: Tasmania Goes Mandatory

Monday 18 August 2014 @ 9.44 a.m. | Crime | Industrial Law | Legal Research

The Tasmanian Workplaces (Protection From Protesters) Bill 2014 has gained wider attention in the news recently because under its provisions protesters will face mandatory jail time and members of the public could be fined for inciting protests.

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Police Accountability: A Victorian Community Law Centre Project

Friday 15 August 2014 @ 10.59 a.m. | Crime | Judiciary, Legal Profession & Procedure | Legal Research

Recently we posted that the Federal Government was revising drafting of service agreements which the Federal Government uses to provide funding to Community Legal Centres (CLCs) around Australia. By doing this it was seeking to limit the public funding such organisation can put toward law reform work and advocacy (see Community Legal Centres: Budget and Other Attacks). An article in last weeks Age newspaper serves as a good example of the valuable contribution reform and changes to the community CLC's can make when allowed their reform and advocacy roles.

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