QLD Historical Consolidations Complete in LawOne

Tuesday 13 June 2017 @ 12.43 p.m.

LawOne Historical Consolidations are an important part of finding and viewing legislation amendments and LawOne customers will notice new historical consolidations being updated daily across QLD, joining our already updated jurisdictions of ACT, NSW, VIC and TAS.

Update on the Project

At TimeBase, we realise how important access to historical consolidations of legislation is for our customers. We are consistently working on updating historical consolidations across all jurisdictions in our LawOne platform, enabling all historical consolidations to be accessed through the newly developed tab in the "View All Details" page for each piece of legislation.

We have now finished our first stage of updating for NT, ACT, TAS, VIC and QLD, with historical versions incorporated in the production updates for all of these jurisdictions. Please see our coverage document for specific jurisdiction coverage.

We will then move onto updating SA, CTH and NSW Historical Consolidations.

Then the fun part will start for us when we can begin to collate historical consolidations from our DVD and print data to display to our LawOne subscribers.

Just keep an eye on the notifications section on the LawOne homepage for our next update!

If you would like to access to our new historical consolidations or our unique Point-in-Time documents and you are not already a subscriber to LawOne or our unique Point-in-Time Services then please contact us to find out more or to take a free trial