New ASX Settlement Operating Rules Procedures Amendments, New ASX Clear Operating Rules Amendments and New ASX Listing Rules Guidance Notes Amendments

Friday 22 December 2017 @ 4.22 p.m.

Over the holiday period, we received new amendments to the ASX Settlement Operating Rules Procedures Schedule, the ASX Clear Operating Rules and the ASX Listing Rules Guidance Notes. Details of the changes are outlined below.

We have also received a technical correction to the ASX Listing Rules, which relates to some definitions in Rule 19.12 being out of alphabetical order.

Some of these are currently online in the TimeBase ASX Point-in-Time Service, and the remaining amendments will be online by COB Tuesday, 9 January 2018.

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Rule Book


Date of

Date content

ASX Settlement Operating Rules

Procedure Schedule (FOR)

22 December 2017

available now

ASX Clear Operating Rules

Section 4, Rule 4.1.1 and new Rule 4.26

Schedule 1 - Risk based capital requirements

Procedures - Section 4, new Procedure 4.26

1 January 2018

available now

ASX Listing Rules

Guidance Note 15A, corrections to Rule 19.12

1 January 2018

COB 9 January 2018