Intellectual Property Point-in-Time Service Updates

Monday 6 August 2018 @ 2.02 p.m.

The Intellectual Property Point-in-Time Service has been updated to include the Copyright Amendment (Service Providers) Act 2018 (Cth), Act 71 of 2018.

Act 71 of 2018

The Copyright Amendment (Service Providers) Act 2018 extends the operation of the safe harbour scheme and will limit remedies available against carriage service providers in Division 2AA of Part V of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Copyright Act) to a broader range of service providers in the disability, educational and cultural sectors.
The Act amends the Copyright Act to expand Division 2AA of Part V of the Act to cover the following additional kinds of service providers:

  • educational institutions, through their administering bodies, including universities, schools, technical colleges, training bodies and pre-schools;
  • libraries that either make their collection available to the public or are Parliamentary libraries, through their administering bodies;
  • archives, through their administering bodies, including the National Archives of Australia and specified state archives, galleries and museums;
  • key cultural institutions, through their administering bodies, including specific archives and libraries that are not open to the public; and
  • organisations assisting persons with a disability.

The amendments made by this Act have been updated in the Point-in-Time Intellectual Property Service current to 6 August 2018. (NB: Subscription required).

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