New ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules and ASX OTC Rulebook Amendments

Tuesday 30 November 2021 @ 2.39 p.m.

We have just received new amendments to the ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules and ASX OTC Rulebook.  Details of the changes are outlined below.

They will be online in the TimeBase ASX Point-in-Time Service by close of business, Wednesday 1 December 2021.

Subscriber link to product TimeBase ASX Point-in-Time Service (note: subscription required).

Rule Book

Affected Content

Date of commencement

Date content online

ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules

Part 4: Rules 49A and 49B

Part 7: Rule 72.1

29 November 2021

COB 1 December 2021

ASX OTC Rulebook

Rule 5.1 and Schedule 1

20 November 2021

COB 1 December 2021