Misleading and Deceptive Conduct - Energy Saving Plugs

Wednesday 27 October 2010 @ 10.51 a.m. | Trade & Commerce

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has said that  Auscha Corporation Pty Ltd and its former marketing manager Nagarajah Rajkumar had made misleading claims about the energy saved from its Enersonic Power Saver device.

"The Federal Court declared that Auscha contravened sections 52 and 53(c) of the Act in saying consumers could save up to 24 per cent on their power consumption, hence consumers would save money, and that the device was designed and engineered in Australia." The court also held the marketing manager responsible in each of the cases.

Do you think this is a smart ploy by marketing consultants to take advantage of the current social consciousness surrounding rising electricity prices? Or do you think this is a one off genuine mistake?