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ACCC Calls for Stronger Penalties to Protect Australian Franchisees

Friday 19 October 2018 @ 1.58 p.m. | Industrial Law | Trade & Commerce

In a recent Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( “ACCC”) Media Release, the consumer advocate has called for strengthening of Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct (the “Code”) in an effort to "better protect franchisees, including a significant increase in penalties for breaches [of the Code], and requiring improved and more meaningful information disclosure to franchisees."

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Fair Work Amendment (Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2018 Expands Unpaid Leave Right

Thursday 18 October 2018 @ 11.51 a.m. | Crime | Industrial Law

The Fair Work Amendment (Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2018 (Cth) ("the Bill") was introduced into the Federal Parliament on 13 September 2018 by Ms O’Dwyer, the Minister for Women ("the Minister"), and was subsequently referred to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee ("the Committee"). In broad terms, the Bill proposes amendment of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) ("the Act") to insert a new entitlement in the National Employment Standards ("the NES") to "five days of unpaid family and domestic violence leave".

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Record Penalty Awarded Against Tech Company For Failing To Pay Unfair Dismissal Compensation

Friday 7 September 2018 @ 10.53 a.m. | Industrial Law | Legal Research

The Fair Work Ombudsman (the “Ombudsman”) has revealed in a Media Release that they have obtained record penalties from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (the “Court”) against Macquarie Technology Group International Pty Ltd (“MTGI”) as well as the company’s owner, Paul Wallace, for failing to pay an earlier penalty to an employee who was unfairly dismissed in 2014.

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AWU v AstraZeneca Pty Ltd [2018] FWC 4660: Landmark Decision On Sick Leave for Shift Workers

Friday 17 August 2018 @ 1.13 p.m. | Industrial Law | Legal Research

In AWU v AstraZeneca Pty Ltd [2018] FWC 4660 (8 August 2018), the Fair Work Commission (the “FWC”) has handed down a ruling against AstraZeneca where the company was using the standard industry practise of providing an average of 76 hours of paid leave, based on the average of a 7.6 hour working day. In this case,  the decision centred on a personal/carer’s leave dispute between the AWU and the company.

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Fair Work Ombudsman Commences Legal Proceedings Against Foodora

Monday 18 June 2018 @ 9.27 a.m. | Industrial Law | Legal Research | Trade & Commerce

In a recent Media Release from the Fair Work Ombudsman (the “FWO”), it was announced that legal proceedings against food delivery company Foodora Australia Pty Ltd (Foodora) have commenced in the Federal Court of Australia (NSW Registry).  The FWO alleges that the company has engaged in sham contracting activity that resulted in the underpayment of workers.

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