Keep your legislative compliance on track and plan for regulatory change using LawOne by TimeBase

To keep on top of the latest legislative compliance requirements, you need to have access to the most accurate and up-to-date legislation.

And to manage risk and plan for change effectively, it’s essential to know if and when critical legislative changes are coming through.

LawOne by TimeBase helps organisations to manage their legislative compliance obligations more effectively by providing —

  • Convenient and easy access to the most current legislation across all Australian jurisdictions, updated daily
  • The ability to create, track and share profiles of legislation and receive email alerts detailing legislative changes, new legislation, Bill progress through parliament and advanced notification of upcoming changes.
  • Downloadable legislative activity reports in Excel format for use in compliance registers, monitoring and audits.
  • Training and ongoing support from the TimeBase team of Australian legislation experts.

Access the most current legislation across all Australian jurisdictions from one convenient source

LawOne contains over 130,000 legislative items from all Australian state and federal jurisdictions (including current Acts and Regulations), updated daily. So there is no need to search and track legislation using multiple government websites.

LawOne also makes finding and tracking legislation easier with superior search and productivity features favoured by government, legal and educational organisations. Users can isolate legislative titles or subject areas relevant to their organisation’s specific requirements using advanced search and browse filters and facets, including 36 (sub) subject areas.

“Covering all Australian jurisdictions, all in the one place, is the reason why I keep coming back to TimeBase LawOne. I can search across all jurisdictions, or just a few, or across a legislative instrument... the options are very flexible.”

Track the legislation that matters and plan ahead for regulatory change using LawOne Alert Profiles

Using LawOne’s unbeatable Alert Profile feature, users can quickly and easily create profiles of legislation to track (by item or subject) and to share with others in the organisation. Email alerts for that profile are then delivered in daily, weekly or monthly intervals detailing legislative changes, new legislation and Bill progress through parliament.

Importantly, LawOne also sends email alerts when legislative changes are in the pipeline (sometimes up to 6 months in advance) to enable organisations to plan ahead more effectively.

“We rely on TimeBase LawOne to help us meet our legislative compliance requirements. We have set up a series of Alert Profiles and shared them with departments across our organisation. Everyone now has much better idea about what legislation is changing and how.”

Prepare actionable legislative activity reports for use with compliance registers, monitoring and audits

LawOne legislative activity reports provide users with a summary of changes to legislation over a user determined time frame. Reports can be created for a specific jurisdiction, subject area or Alert Profile to help meet legislative compliance obligations.

Importantly, reports can be downloaded and exported into excel format. This format allows for easy sorting of data and the addition of action items. Users can also name, save and share these reports via email attachment with colleagues.

“The LawOne report feature is incredibly handy. It allows me to download a report, add comments and action items and assign tasks to team members.”

Receive training and ongoing support
from the Australian legislation experts

Our dedicated, Sydney-based team of Australian legislation experts are always on hand to provide support and training to our customers.

TimeBase is committed to being the number one online legislation research service in Australia and we are constantly improving our services and adding more material to ensure your user experience is the best it can be.

Learn more about using LawOne by TimeBase for your legislative compliance activities and request a free trial today.