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Cth Bill for Remissions of Sentences for Federal Offenders Introduced

Thursday 9 September 2021 @ 11.20 a.m. | Crime | Legal Research

On 25 August 2021, the Crimes Amendment (Remissions of Sentences) Bill 2021 (Cth) (‘the Bill’) was introduced to the Senate by Minister for Families and Social Services Senator Anne Ruston ('the Minister'). On 26 August, the Bill was referred to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee and is due for report on 14 October 2021.


WA Bill to Amend Sentencing for Persons Linked to Terrorism

Friday 3 September 2021 @ 8.47 a.m. | Crime | Judiciary, Legal Profession & Procedure

The Sentencing Legislation Amendment (Persons Linked to Terrorism) Bill 2021 (WA) ("the Bill") was introduced into the WA Legislative Assembly by Attorney General John Quigley ("the Attorney General") on 18 August 2021.


NT Bill for an Independent Chairperson for the Parole Board

Friday 27 August 2021 @ 3.29 p.m. | Crime | Judiciary, Legal Profession & Procedure | Legal Research

On 11 August 2021, the Parole Amendment Bill 2021 (NT) (“the Bill”), was introduced to the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly by Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Selena Uibo ("the Minister").


Cth Introduces Counter-Terrorism Sunsetting Review Bill 2021

Thursday 26 August 2021 @ 2.56 p.m. | Crime | Legal Research

The Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Sunsetting Review and Other Measures) Bill 2021 (Cth) (“the Bill”) was introduced to the Senate on 4 August 2021. The Bill was introduced by Assistant Minister for Industry Development, Senator Jonathon Duniam ("the Minister").


ACT Bill Introduced to Strengthen Dangerous Driving Laws

Friday 20 August 2021 @ 8.11 a.m. | Crime | Legal Research | Torts, Damages & Civil Liability

The Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 (ACT) ('the Bill') was introduced into the ACT Legislative Assembly on 5 August 2021 by Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel ('the Minister').