As the only true provider of Point-in-Time services in an increasing number of areas, Point-in-Time allows you to:

  • Create complete legislation pictures at any date - past, present or future
  • Access comprehensive, date-sensitive related materials linked at the relevant date 
  • Instant red-line comparison of versions of provisions as they were at different dates
  • Access version history of all sections, across all versions, irrespective of legislative instrument
  • Search for legislative material related to a problem occurring at a certain date – past or future

TimeBase’s unique Point-in-Time services map out the legislative journeys in:

  • Energy and Resources 
  • ASX Listing and Market Rules
  • Corporations law
  • Banking and Finance
  • Competition and Consumer Law
  • Employment Law
  • Income Tax
  • GST
  • Intellectual Property
  • Social Security
  • Commonwealth Crime
  • Migration

Utilising innovative technology, combined with a deep understanding of customer requirements, TimeBase’s Point-in-Time services provide a unique and intuitive legal research tool. TimeBase Point-in-Time enables users to:

  • View legislation as it was at dates in the past (or as it will be in the future) by simply selecting the target date
  • Dynamically link to full text legislation, relevant regulations, relevant bills, explanatory memoranda and cases
  • Follow the legislative journey through date sensitive secondary materials attached at section level
  • Compare different versions of legislation through comprehensive comparative tables
  • Use our change date calendar to see what the Legislation was on a particular date in seconds
  • Link to full text cases at section level
  • Instantly see the changes between versions using red-line comparison tools
  • Link to amendments and amending legislation at section level
  • Access PDF versions of consolidations when available
  • Link to associated acts and regulations at section level 

TimeBase Point-in-Time services cover an increasing number of areas including:

  • Energy and Resources (New in Development) – Access to State and Federal legislation relating to the energy and resources sector back to 1988. 
  • ASX Listing and Market Rules – The most comprehensive collection of ASX Listing, Market, Business and Disciplinary Processes and Appeals Rules including Waivers and Tribunal Determinations.
  • Corporations Law – Instantly view any provision of corporations legislation, as of any date  back to 27 June 1989.
  • Banking and Finance – Covers legislative material relating to banking regulations, consumer credit, anti-money laundering, treasury and cheques back to 1 July 1998 
  • Competition and Consumer Law – Covers complete Competition and Consumer legislative materials at every date back to commencement in 1974.
  • Employment Law – Instantly view provisions relating to employment legislation back to March 1989; includes major employment law legislative changes comparative tables.
  • Income Tax – Any provision of income tax legislation, including ITAA 1936 and 1997 plus over 30 other important related Acts and Regulations, as of any date back to 31 December 1993.
  • GST - Instantly view any provision of GST legislation, as in force on any date back to 8 July 1999.
  • Intellectual Property - All key federal legislation back to 15 March 1994 including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.
  • Social Security – Provides complete legislative material relating to social security back to 29 September 1994.
  • Commonwealth Crime – Provides access to Commonwealth Crimes legislative materials back to its commencement in 1914. 
  • Migration – Instantly view legislative materials back to 1 January 1998.

“Being able to track bills through Parliament is a very unique and useful feature in LawOne. We have been watching a few key pieces of legislation and it has been really beneficial to be alerted from the draft announcement right though to assent.”

“I find the Search functionality in LawOne to be more reliable than other services. I can easily browse when I am not quite sure what I am looking for and the basic and more advanced search options cater to a wide variety of skills and preferences. I always go to LawOne first.”

“Covering all Australian jurisdictions, all in the one place, is the reason why I keep coming back to LawOne. I can search across all jurisdictions, or just a few, or across a legislative instrument… the options are very flexible.”

“While not primarily a case repository, we do find the CaseLink service to be very valuable when we are looking at sections of legislation.  The highlighting of specific, “important” cases only really saves a lot of time and can provide vital information to assist in interpretation of various sections.”  

“TimeBase Point-in-Time is a totally unique service. We could not do without it.”

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