TimeBase Point-in-Time

TimeBase Point-in-Time enables users to create complete legislation pictures at any date (past, present or future), access date-sensitive related materials linked at section level, form instant red-line comparisons of versions of provisions as they were at different dates and access version histories of all sections irrespective of legislative instrument.


Point-In-Time by TimeBase

Point-in-Time's powerful features

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View legislation at EVERY date

View legislation as it was at dates in the past (or as it will be in the future) by simply entering any target date. 


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Future Amendments 

TimeBase Point-in-Time handles uncommenced and unconsolidated amendments, so you can see how provisions will read in the future.

Explanatory and other extrinsic material

Instant comparisons

Create instant red-line comparisons of versions of provisions as they were at different dates - highlighting what has changed over your timeframe.


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Comprehensive version histories

View version history at section level with direct links to every amendment. 


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Date sensitive links at section level

Unlike Historical versions, our Point-in-Time documents are living documents, not static consolidations, meaning you can link to date sensitive information at any level — part, chapter, section or whole legislation.


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Relevant Cases assist interpretation

Link to relevant date stamped Cases so you can focus your research by filtering only Cases current at the date of your matter.


Explanatory and other extrinsic material

Dynamic links

Link to full text legislation, relevant regulations, bills, explanatory materials and cases. 

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Key areas of law covered

Map out the legislative journeys in key areas of law including income tax, corporations, employment, competition and consumer, intellectual property, banking and finance, the ASX rules and more.

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No more 'manual' consolidations

Manually consolidating each amendment to find out what affected a particular section is time consuming and prone to error. With TimeBase Point-in-Time you have one-click access to all amendments and amending legislation affecting each section.

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Decades of historical material

In addition to up-to-date current data we cover decades of historical coverage.

Explanatory and other extrinsic material

Search full text by date

Full text search across legislation, cases and secondary materials. Enter a date to only return results relevant to your matter at your chosen timeframe.

Tack draft legislation

Comparative tables

Quick-reference tables allow you compare legislative provisions when substantive changes to the law occurred.

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