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TimeBase has been appointed as ICLR’s local Sales Partner for Australia and New Zealand customers. Triple checked for accuracy and preferred by judges, ICLR provides all legal practitioners with a comprehensive source of dedicated case law back to 1865.

And ICLR Online makes legal research easy. New links with BAILII, Supreme Court Judgments updated within 24hrs and additional Case Notes content expands the hub of legal authorities and makes the service second to none in value.

ICLR Coverage and Citations

The Law Reports: First series (1865 – 1875)

LR # A & E Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Cases

LR # CCR Crown Cases Reserved

LR # CP Common Pleas Cases

LR # Ch App Chancery Appeal Cases

LR # HL House of Lords, English and Irish Appeals

LR # Eq Equity Cases

LR # Ex Exchequer Cases

LR # PC Privy Council Appeals

LR # P & D Probate and Divorce Cases

LR # QB Queen’s Bench Cases

LR # Sc & Div House of Lords, Scotch and Divorce Appeals

 The Law Reports: Second series (1875 – 1890)

# App Cas Appeal Cases

# Ch D Chancery Division

# CPD Common Pleas Division (1875–80)

# Ex D Exchequer Division (1875–80)

# PD Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division

# QBD Queen’s Bench Division

The Law Reports: Third series (1890 to present day)

AC Appeal Cases

Ch Chancery Division

Fam Family Division (from 1972)

P Probate, Divorce and Admiralty  Division (1891–1971)

QB (or KB) Queen’s (or King’s) Bench Division

The Weekly Law Reports (1953 to present day)

WLR Weekly Law Reports

WLR (D) WLR Daily Case Summaries

Specialist Series: 

ICR Industrial Cases Reports

ICR D ICR Digests

Bus LR Business Law Reports

Bus LR D Business Law Reports Digests

PTSR Public and Third Sector Law Reports

PTSR CS or D Public and Third Sector Law Reports Case Summaries or Digests

The Consolidated Index (referencing content dating back to 1865 via CitatorPlus)

WLR Daily Law Notes (2009 – Present)

ICLR Case Notes (2012 – Present)

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