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LawOne gives you the most accurate and comprehensive national legislation coverage in Australia with over 65,000 legislative items, access to full text legislation across all nine jurisdictions, including amending, subordinate and repealed legislation, Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Second Reading Speeches along with detailed legislative histories.

Updated daily by our Sydney based, legally trained editorial team LawOne also enables multi-profile Alerting and Legislative Activity Reporting delivered in the format convenient to users. The included curated Caselink service ensures cases important to the interpretation of legislation are on hand.

LawOne gives you:

  • Full text current and repealed legislation across all Australian jurisdictions
  • Full text bills for all jurisdictions
  • Explanatory memoranda and second reading speeches
  • Assent, notification, commencement, amendment, repeal details
  • Extensive linking
  • Track future developments
  • One user-friendly interface
  • Twice-daily updating
  • Customisable alert profiles
  • CaseLink service

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LawOne is the one source for all your legislation needs:

Power search national legislation

  • TimeBase processes legislative content from across all Australian jurisdictions
  • Enables fully indexed, full text searching across the entire legislation dataset; not just link-outs to external sites 

Full text current and repealed legislation across all Australian jurisdictions

  • All current legislation nationally irrespective of commencement date
  • Amending or numbered Acts as passed from 1998 for Commonwealth, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, from 2000 for ACT, from 1999 for South Australia, from 2005 for Northern Territory and Tasmania
  • Updated daily

Full text bills for all jurisdictions

  • Available from 1998 onwards for all jurisdictions (CTH, NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, NT, ACT and TAS) - see Currency and Coverage.

Explanatory Memoranda and Second Reading Speeches

  • From 1998 onwards for all jurisdictions (CTH, NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, NT, ACT and TAS) - see Currency and Coverage.

Assent, Notification, Commencement, Amendment, Repeal Details

  • Available for all nine jurisdictions, with some ranging as far back as 1901.

Extensive Linking

  • All Acts and related Subordinate Legislation, Bills, Explanatory Memoranda, Second Reading Speeches, Amending Legislation and Case References are extensively linked.

Legislative Activity Reports

Customisable integrated legislative tracking feature allows you to:

  • Track over 30 subject matter areas
  • Create your alert profile to accurately match your specific needs
  • Receive customised email alerts on Parliamentary activity
  • Receive email alerts directly linked to full text legislation, Bills, Explanatory Memorandum and Second Reading Speeches.
  • Run your own reports for legislative activity over a relevant time period and content types

One User-Friendly Interface

  • Powerful and efficient searching across all nine jurisdictions.
  • Browse databases by title, year, number or subject area 
  • Save and retrieve searches to reduce research time and improve search accuracy.

Daily Updating and Alerting

  • Information sent daily via web/email or RSS feed
  • New amending and principal legislation added daily for all nine jurisdictions.
  • Daily Bills Activity list
  • Terminated Bills list
  • Extensive case references
  • Responsible Departments list

Curated CaseLink service

  • Links to cases that are important to the interpretation of legislation
  • Cases are ‘handpicked’ by TimeBase’s legally trained editors
  • Over 50,000 judgements

Track Bills through Parliament

  • Legally trained editorial staff track bills across all nine jurisdictions from the day they are announced as draft legislation, as they progress through each house of parliament and finally when they become assented as an Act
  • Be alerted when the bill passes through each stage

Accessible anytime, anywhere

  • TimeBase’s legal information services can be accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from anywhere in the world via a web browser.

Focus on currency

  • TimeBase editors refer to a variety of Parliamentary Counsel's Offices, Government Gazette Data, Responsible Minister's Websites and Legislation Registers to double check currency, commencement data and amendment information 
  • We also access publisher-only subscriptions to all the key national legislation providers ensuring accurate and current content directly from the source.
  • Unconsolidated or uncommenced amendments are highlighted with a red flag and listed in the currency link menu

Most extensive coverage

TimeBase has the most extensive coverage of all jurisdiction legislative content; see our Coverage document.

Focus on accuracy

  • TimeBase content is updated during the course of every business day, as the information becomes available from Commonwealth and State parliaments
  • Editorial teams are allocated to each jurisdiction; with twice daily checking and double checking
  • Updating is completed daily for case law content from the High Court to each of the State Supreme Courts.

"Being able to track bills through Parliament is a very unique and useful feature in LawOne. We have been watching a few key pieces of legislation and it has been really beneficial to be alerted from the draft announcement right though to assent."

"I find the Search functionality in LawOne to be more reliable than other services. I can easily browse when I am not quite sure what I am looking for and the basic and more advanced search options cater to a wide variety of skills and preferences. I always go to LawOne first."

"Covering all Australian jurisdictions, all in the one place, is the reason why I keep coming back to LawOne. I can search across all jurisdictions, or just a few, or across a legislative instrument… the options are very flexible."

"While not primarily a case repository, we do find the CaseLink service to be very valuable when we are looking at sections of legislation.  The highlighting of specific, “important” cases only really saves a lot of time and can provide vital information to assist in interpretation of various sections."

"TimeBase Point-in-Time is a totally unique service. We could not do without it."

"Your ASX Listing Rules service has everything we need. No other service has the coverage. I feel confident that I can now remove our old print copies from our Library."


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