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What secondary materials are included in Point-in-Time?


What secondary or related materials are available in Point-in-Time?


All related materials in our Point-in-Time services are comprehensive and date sensitive, meaning they link only to the relevant version or section at the relevant date.

In our legislation services, secondary materials include Bills, Explanatory Memoranda, Cases, Second Reading Speeches and other specialist content include ASIC Regulatory Guides and Class Orders (in Corporations) and Tax Rulings (in GST and Income Tax).

Our ASX Listing and Market Rules Point-in-Time service has a special distinction in this category. All cases, tribunal determinations, procedures, appendices and guidance notes are date sensitive at section level. However, we have also enabled all waivers to be displayed at section level, irrespective of the scope date of the rule. As waivers are not specific to any particular date, this lets our customers find all waivers relevant to a particular rule with a single link.