Watch this Space for Legal Article Content on LawOne

Saturday 8 May 2010 @ 1.54 a.m.

TimeBase has partnered with Mondaq ( - the world’s largest legal article distribution group) to bring articles written by leading Australian practitioners on recent legal development to TimeBase customers as part of its new LawOne platform.

The content will be available in the new LawOne product release, but TimeBase Customers can benefit immediately from weekly alerts carrying articles in subject areas of interest. Just email us on or call on 1800 077 088, to set up your free alert.

[IMAGE - /sites/default/files/u3/LawOneS1_0.JPG]

Firms which write articles, and who are looking for:

  • wider distribution of article content ;

  • better search engine optimization; and 

  • market intelligence on readership

should contact TimeBase for free trial distribution of articles through the Mondaq network.

Experience first-hand the marketing benefits to be enjoyed by leveraging Mondaq’s distribution partner network and superior market intelligence gathering.