JUSTIS now Maps Cases Precedent

Wednesday 30 March 2011 @ 10.36 a.m.

TimeBase partner Justis have revolutionised the way cases are displayed by developing an intuitive unique tool to assist users' understanding of precedent lines and case relationships.

Gone are the days of being confronted by a list of 100 potentially relevant cases with no assistance as to importance or key cases in the precedent chain.

[IMAGE - /sites/default/files/u322/JustisCaseMap.JPG]

Justis's Precedent Map is a novel way of visualising the relationships between cases, see how families of cases cite each other in a network, navigate between them, identify the most important authorities and find other cases that may be related to your line of enquiry. Get more detail on Precedent Maps.

Existing JustCite subscribers can access the Precedent Map by clicking on the link on the left-hand side of the relevant case JustCite information page.

For training, information or trial access to this unique Service just contact us.