Targeted Review for Tasmanian Local Government

Monday 9 May 2016 @ 2.00 p.m. | Legal Research

Tasmanian Minister for Planning and Local Government, Peter Gutwein, has announced a targeted review of the Tasmanian Local Government Act 1993. The Act has provided the basis for local governance in Tasmania and established the 29 councils. The review is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government to reduce costs to ratepayers and improve the livelihood of the Tasmanian people.


The review will be conducted by the Local Government Division after a request was made by the Hon Peter Gutwein. The review was originally announced by the Minister in July 2015 at Local Government Association of Tasmania’s annual conference. The targeted review of the Act is aimed at improving governance arrangements within our councils and is timely given current community concern over how some councils are managing their affairs. The review will ensure the legislative framework for local government is effective and efficient.


The government has released a discussion paper detailing the issues to be reviewed. Some of these issues are:

  • the functions of mayors, deputy mayors and elected members;
  • the appointment, functions and powers of the general manager;
  • financial management and reporting;
  • the functions and powers of the Director of Local Government;
  • the functions, powers and procedures of the Local Government Board;
  • the functions, powers and procedures of a Board of Inquiry;
  • local government elections – electoral rolls, funding and advertising;
  • the recognition, structure and role of regional bodies; and
  • the reduction of unnecessary administrative requirements.

The review is currently opened to the public for feedback. This will close on the 10 June 2016. 

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