New ACT Act To Make Amendments Relating To Greyhounds and Dangerous Dogs

Monday 23 April 2018 @ 12.43 p.m. | Legal Research

On 18 April 2018 the Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (ACT) (‘the Act’) was notified by the ACT Government. This Act is for the purpose of making amendments related to racing greyhounds and dangerous dogs for the purposes of aligning changes to current policy.

Legislative Amendments

This Act makes the following key amendments:

  • Alignment of legislative amendments to legislation related to racing greyhounds with amendments for dangerous dogs in the ACT;
  • Harmonisation of the infringement notice framework under the Domestic Animals Act 2000 (ACT) to improve alignments to current policy;
  • Amendments related to the issuing of fines and penalties;
  • Insertion of a new definition of 'breeding' in the Domestic Animals Act 2000 (ACT) for the purpose of addressing illegal breeding and puppy farming;
  • Amendments to allow carers of dogs as well as owners to have control orders and restrictions placed upon them;
  • Minor technical amendments relating to dog control.

In her second reading a speech Ms Megan Fitzharris, Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Minister for Transport and City Services and Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research stated:

“This bill builds on the government’s commitment to contemporary and robust animal management laws that achieve improved public safety outcomes, promote the welfare of dogs in our community and ensure responsible pet ownership. This bill will result in a comprehensive and consistent approach to managing all dogs in the ACT, including greyhounds that are kept in the ACT for racing in another jurisdiction, and will ensure that racing greyhounds are managed with community safety, animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in mind.” 

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Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (ACT), and associated Bill, explanatory memorandum and second reading speech, available on TimeBase's LawOne service

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