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Meaning of 'Status: Spent' in LawOne


What does "Status: Spent" mean?


"Spent" is a term applied by TimeBase to amending legislation in the jurisdictions of CTH and ACT once it is fully commenced to indicate the amendments have been consolidated into the affected principal instruments. It does not mean the legislation is repealed, inoperative or no longer in force.

Note: For other jurisdictions, the term is applied by reading the State interpretation provisions as outlined below:

NSW – Subordinate Legislation spent after 5 years (Subordinate Legislation Act 1989 (NSW))

TAS – Subordinate Legislation spent after 10 years (Subordinate Legislation Act 1992 (TAS))

VIC – Only Subordinate Amending legislation can be spent upon commencement (Subordinate Legislation Act 1994 (VIC))

SA – Subordinate Legislation spent after 10 years (The Subordinate Legislation Act 1978 (SA))

For QLD, NT and WA, the term spent is not used as fully commenced amending legislation remains current in status.