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Email alert profiles and how to create one?


I want to create an email that will arrive from my TimeBase LawOne subscription to alert me that a jurisdiction, item or subject area of law has changed every time a change happens.


What you are considering is called a "Legislation Alert" and is very easy to create.

In LawOne you can create your alert from one of two places.

1. You can either use the drop down menu in the green horizontal menus called “Legislative Alerts”, drop this menu down and select “Create a new profile”.

2. Alternatively on the LawOne Homepage on the right hand side under the bold heading “Legislative Alerts” select “Create a new profile”.

Next you will see the page which allows you to create your new profile:

In the first box name your profile, for example: if you are tracking the Trade Marks Act – “My Trade Marks” The next box is optional but it allows a brief description of your profile, like – “This profile tracks all Cth Trade Marks Law “ In the next box type in the profile owner's name, as in – “Fred Jones” In the next section you designate how you want to secure your profile. The Shared option requires no password but means anyone on your network can access your profile. Where security is needed then select the Private option and designate a password.

The next two choices determine the level/depth of content in the alert you receive - Detailed as the name implies is a longer more detailed report where as Summary is more of a listing of titles and key details.

Next you can then choose how frequently you wish to see a report. Options range from Twice Daily to Yearly.

Next you must supply one Email address (more can be added if wanted – see button ADD ANOTHER EMAIL ADDRESS) so the alert can be sent to you and indicate if you would prefer to receive a formatted (HTML) or plain text alert.

Note: you can opt to receive an alert even if no activity has been tracked just to be sure nothing is missed.

Then select the button CREATE PROFILE.

The next screen allows you to add information to be tracked to your profile. You can either track by Specific Legislation/Bills or by Specific Subjects. Follow either of these links and select what you would like to track and then select UPDATE PROFILE button and the “Back to Profile” link.

At any point you can view what your profile is tracking, add to it or remove items from it. Alternatively you can create a new profile for new areas to be tracked.