Frequently asked questions

Deep-Linking to LawOne: How do I do it?


How do I create deep-links to the legislation I use often in LawOne?


In LawOne you can bookmark the service, or create deep-links into the service.


In the new LawOne, legislation urls are permanent and fully bookmarkable. When in the LawOne service, simply copy and paste the url of the page into your document or site, and the url will always take you to the most current (or repealed) version of that legislation. Please note that if a bookmarked section is repealed, the link will break.

Deep Links

Create deep links to entire instruments in LawOne, but not to an individual section.

A deep link should be in the following format:{jurisdiction}&doc-type={document-type}&title={legislation-title}

  • {jurisdiction}
    the abbreviated jurisdiction name (cth, nsw, vic, qld, wa, sa, act, tas, nt).
  • {document-type}
    the abbreviated instrument type:
    • act - act
    • reg - regulation
    • bill - bill
    • prn - principal
    • cpn - consumer protection notice
  • {legislation-title}
    the title of the legislation.  The closer this is to the exact title the more likely that an exact match will be found

Example: Act 1996