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How do I find assent and commencement information in LawOne?


How do I find assent and commencement information in LawOne? 


In LawOne, go to the specific Act or Regulation you want to find the assent or commencement information for and then click on the Details link under the title of the Act or Regulation.

On the Details page, not only is assent and commencement information displayed if known, but also summaries, amending legislation, responsible departments and subject areas (most useful for those customers thinking of tracking a specific subject area for legislative alerts).

All assent information is given in a specific single date format and the Editorial Team at TimeBase try to make the commencement information as easy to understand as possible by including all gazette references and interpretation provisions relevant to the commencement data.

You will also find links on the Details page to related bills and subordinate legislation including full text downloads accessible without leaving our LawOne website.

Please note that the Editorial Team at TimeBase is researching historical details at all times. The availability of assent and commencement information may change and we are always happy to answer any queries you may have on or 1800 077 088.