State Legislation PDF versions added to LawOne

Wednesday 18 May 2011 @ 3.24 p.m.

We have, at no extra cost to our subscribers, added PDF versions of Australian Capital Territory and Victorian legislation to our Premium LawOne with Cases Service.

LawOne is a one-stop-shop which enables users to access PDF versions  of Commonwealth, Australian Capital Territory and Victorian legislation, both Authorised and otherwise.

Simple and immediate access

Just click on the PDF link next to the Print/View icon and instantly download Authorised and Non-Authorised copies of Australian Capital Territory, Victorian and Commonwealth Legislative Instruments.

No need to go outside LawOne to secure copies of legislation in Court-friendly form!

Click the PDF icon and INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD copies of the Authorised version of the Legislative Instrument you are seeking. (See image below)

[IMAGE - /sites/default/files/u322/AuthorisedPDF.JPG]

Further Content Coming Soon!

The next PDF collection to be added will be authorised and non-authorised legislative instruments for NEW SOUTH WALES.

TImeBase is committed to continue to add real value to subscriptions without increasing subscription prices.

To find out more about the LawOne Service, establish free trial access, or arrange training just contact us.